QuickStart Course

I would like to introduce QuickStart, an interactive virtual Team Member Training course from OfficeReady Academy! This 4-day course will give your new team member a QuickStart introduction to a productive career in personal lines insurance. At OfficeReady Academy we aren’t just training technical processes, we are developing their passion for protecting your policyholders and prospects with the right products and coverage.

How will they learn?
  • 4 full days of Virtual Live Interactive In-office Training via Zoom
  • Hands-on training in ECRM, NECHO, OUTLOOK, and ABS.
  • Class Discussions, Exercises, Role-playing, Skill Checks, Q&A, and more!
What will they learn?
  • Basics of Insurance, Auto coverage, discounts and quoting, simple billing, taking payments
  • State Farm History, Mission Statement, Core Values
  • Soft Skills, Customer Service, Managing & Exceeding Client Expectations
  • Sales Skills, Probing Questions, Uncovering Multiline Needs, and Story Selling
  • Confidence to pick up the phone and talk to anyone who calls in with the soft skills to woo even your most demanding policy holders.

I’m Sherry Addison, the Director of Training at OfficeReady Academy. I started my career in an agent’s office and recently retired as a CCC Manager after 25 years with State Farm. I have a unique perspective, and recognize what new team members need to succeed in your business.

We know how busy you are running your agency. So let OfficeReady Academy train your new Team Member so you can focus on building your business. We’re here when you need us with several courses each month! Next time you hire maximize your productivity and theirs by signing them up for OfficeReady Academy QuickStart! Visit us at OfficeReadyAcademy.com and use promo code INTRO2024 for $200 off your first team member!

1. Strong Foundations:

QuickStart lays the groundwork by providing a solid understanding of the insurance industry’s fundamentals, ensuring that new team members have a strong knowledge base to build upon.

2. Practical Insights:

Participants will gain practical insights into real-world scenarios, challenges, and best practices they are likely to encounter in their roles.

3. Hands-On Training:

QuickStart incorporates hands-on exercises and interactive sessions in ECRM & NECHO your book of business, allowing participants to easily transition and apply their skills to the live office environment.

4. Sales Skills:

Quickstart focuses on storyselling as an approach to multi-line consultative sales for every customer. By the end of this course, your team member will be excited to use storyselling to educate your prospects and policyholders on Auto, Renters/Home, PLUP, PAP… and if they have the license to do so, Life and Health too!

5. Soft Skills:

QuickStart focuses not only on technical knowledge but also on developing essential soft skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and customer service, enabling new team members to enhance their overall professionalism.

6. Office Skills:

Participants learn about the latest industry best practices, staying updated with the ever-changing insurance landscape and positioning themselves as valuable assets in State Farm agents’ offices.

7. Mentorship and Guidance:

QuickStart trainers foster a supportive learning environment, where participants receive mentorship and guidance to help them overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

8. Confidence Building:

Through practical training and constructive feedback, “QuickStart” helps new team members gain the confidence needed to handle day-to-day tasks effectively and excel in their roles.

9. Network Building:

The interactive “live” program provides opportunities for participants to connect with fellow colleagues and build a professional network within the network, fostering collaboration and growth.

10. Continuous Support:

Our commitment to ongoing support ensures that participants can access resources and assistance even after completing the training, helping them sustain their development and career progression.

Course Schedule

Days 1-4:

10:00 AM-5:00 PM EST (periodic breaks & 1-hour lunch)

The ZOOM class link will be emailed to the agent a couple of days before the start of the class

A QuickStart Workbook will be shipped to your office before class starts (register at least 4 days before the start date to ensure on-time arrival of the workbook)